[Samba] sernet <-> self compiled migration

Marc Muehlfeld mmuehlfeld at samba.org
Wed Nov 11 18:33:30 UTC 2015

Am 10.11.2015 um 06:04 schrieb d tbsky:
> the problem is that sernet <-> self compiled path is not 1:1
> mapping. sernet use only two directories under "var" , but self
> compiled use many under "var" by default.

Yes. That's why I recommended that you use the same ./configure options
like SerNet does, then your installation uses exactly the same directories.

Someone at SerNet also just downloaded the sources, and run ./configure
with these options :-)

> so I need to know which
> file belongs to which directory. I already finish the compare and
> moving. I got some of them wrong but luckily samba auto re-create
> them  and it seems all the critical files are not missing.
> I am still curious about my previous question:
> can I safely delete files at /usr/local/samba/var/lock and let
> samba recreate them? how about other directories under var? I ask
> this many times but didn't get answer..

A short try in my test environment showed: If the subdirectories are not
there, they are not created and so not populated. If they exist, not
every tdb is created (some may be created when first used - i don't
know). Also e. g. the lib/winbindd_privileged/pipe wasn't created, etc.

I would not drop that directories content. Move everything or - what I
recommend, configure your self compiled version, to use the same
locations than SerNet does.


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