[Samba] migrate samba domain controller to CTDB

Marko Bencek marko.bencek at gmail.com
Tue May 26 08:14:21 MDT 2015


I am trying to migrate samba domain controller (version 3.6, passdb
backend = tdbsam) to a new clustered environment with CTDB (same samba
version). I have a functional ceph storage and the ctdbd configured
according to the documentation.

However, all available guides are for the fresh installations and I
can't migrate current data into the CTDB.

Simply restoring tdb database into the CTDB doesn't work and it ends
with the following error:

2015/05/25 22:25:04.849302 [ 5636]: Invalid version of database dump.
File is version 7308332182664266836 but expected version was 1

Converting tdb database with ltdbtool doesn't bring any joy too.

How to import tdb samba databases into the ctdb?
Thanks, Marko

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