[Samba] preexec and msdfs proxy

Luca Olivetti luca at wetron.es
Thu May 21 00:53:24 MDT 2015

El 19/05/15 a les 21:38, Greg Enlow ha escrit:
> It is then simply a DFS server and not the "magical" msdfs proxy - yes the user can now click on a link to get to the desired spot, but the proxy function _automagically_ sends the user, when they access the msdfs share, to the netapp's readonly share without the extra click.

Not a solution to the msdfs problem but from the netapp you could export
the directory via nfs, mount it on the samba server an re-export it from
there as a samba share.
It will kill performance but since your users will eventually have to
use another share maybe it's not a big issue.

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