[Samba] Deny login for a specific user in a specific machine in a samba domain

Mike 1100100 at gmail.com
Wed May 20 06:43:53 MDT 2015

GPO won't work for Samba 3.
An easier alternative:

Controlling Access to Shares

Often you will need to restrict the users who can access a specific share
for security reasons. This is very easy to do with Samba because it
contains a wealth of options for creating practically any security
configuration. Let's introduce a few configurations that you might want to
use in your own Samba setup.

We've seen what happens when you specify valid users. However, you are also
allowed to specify a list of invalid users—users who should never be
allowed access to Samba or its shares. This is done with the invalid users
option. For example:

        invalid users = baduser,bademployee,overallbadperson

        browsable = yes
        writable = yes

On Tue, May 19, 2015 at 7:40 AM, Rodrigo Abrantes Antunes <
rodrigoantunes at pelotas.ifsul.edu.br> wrote:

>  PDC. I'm using samba 3, I need scripts to apply GPO?
> Citando Tim <lists at kiuni.de>:
>  PDC or ADDC? You could achieve this with a GPO.
>> Regards
>> Tim
>>   Am 18. Mai 2015 18:20:28 MESZ, schrieb Rodrigo Abrantes Antunes
>> <rodrigoantunes at pelotas.ifsul.edu.br>:
>>> Hi, I have samba as a PDC and I need to deny login for a specific user
>>> in a specific machine. How can I achieve that?
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> Rodrigo Abrantes Antunes
> Instituto Federal Sul-rio-grandense
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