[Samba] BIND9 w/ Samba4 DLZ - 'not authoritative' msg in log

David Willis david_willis at comcast.net
Mon May 11 19:31:44 MDT 2015



I am receiving messages in named.log that say:


notify: notice: client [IP]#61125: received notify for zone
'_msdcs.[DOM].[COM]': not authoritative


The [IP] is that of a different internal DNS server(s).


Everything appears to be working correctly, including DNS, but I am just
wondering why the messages saying "not authoritative" - shouldn't this DNS
server be authoritative for all internal DNS zones?


The line "auth-nxdomain yes;" is present in named.conf.


Linux DC is running Ubuntu Server 12.04.5 LTS w/ Samba v4.2.1 and BIND


Other DNS servers are running Windows Server 2008R2.


Thank you for any help!




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