[Samba] realmd and net rpc privileges

Rowland Penny rowlandpenny at googlemail.com
Sat May 2 15:08:59 MDT 2015

On 02/05/15 19:35, Sebastian Gabler wrote:
> Am 01.05.2015 um 16:49 schrieb samba-request at lists.samba.org:
>> Perhaps you will get better help if you try using a mailing list for
>> realmd or sssd, neither of these two programs is supplied or supported
>> by samba.
>> Rowland
> You may have missed that the problem is solved meanwhile, and as I 
> stated above the error was with the Samba configuration, namely value 
> of the Workgroup param.
> I can only say that realmd worked perfectly all the time.
> In a different thread I found a good explanation about hosts file 
> config, and I will evaluate if that would solve the problem as well, 
> even with an empty Workgroup param.
> BTW: What is that SAMDOM about? Is it a sample value, or is SAMDOM a 
> built-in facility with a fixed functionality? The memeber server howto 
> uses SAMDOM as Workgroup name, and the trouble-shooting howto uses it 
> to map the root user with Administrator.
> -S

Did you miss this: 


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