[Samba] realmd and net rpc privileges

Harry Jede walk2sun at arcor.de
Fri May 1 01:31:10 MDT 2015

On 09:13:40 wrote Rowland Penny:
> On 30/04/15 11:32, Harry Jede wrote:
> > On 12:29:52 wrote Rowland Penny:
> >> You need to map root to Administrator, add this line to smb.conf:
> >> username map = /etc/samba/user.map
> >> 
> >> Then create the map file, it is just one line:
> >> 
> >> !root = EXAMPLE\Administrator Administrator administrator
> > 
> > Simply wrong! This maps the windows users to the unix user root.
> > 
> >> Change 'EXAMPLE' for your workgroup name.
> >> 
> >> Rowland
> If it is 'Simply wrong', why can I run the same command that the OP
> used and expect it to work, but if I don't have the line in
> smb.conf, I get the result the OP did.

The OP use a setup with sssd and realmd. I never used this software and 
probably i will never use it. So i can not answer his question. By the 
way, the OP is asking what the -S parameter is for. He should not ask 
this, better read the man page, may be no time, may be too lazy.

Rowland, the mapping is done only in one direction. So
map root to administrator
map administrator to root
are diffent things and "user map" do the latter.

searching the net for realmd may give answers

> Rowland


	Harry Jede

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