[Samba] domain authentication issue after rebooting the linux VM

Vishal_Jain2 at Dell.com Vishal_Jain2 at Dell.com
Tue Mar 31 23:33:29 MDT 2015

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Hi Team,

We are using samba-winbind on OEL 6.5_x64 for adding that VM server to our window domain & for domain account authentication.
All the things are working fine on configuring the service & even domain authentication is working fine. Issue is that if OEL server get rebooted/restarted then we see domain account authentication is not working, I see status of winbind service which says its running & also 'net ads testjoin' command is OK after rebooting the server, just domain authentication is not working. And when I restart the windind service then authentication will work, so every time we need to restart the winbind service after rebooting on server, why domain authentication is not working on reboot of server.??

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