[Samba] sssd-ad cannot be installed with sernet samba

Luca Olivetti luca at wetron.es
Mon Mar 30 05:46:45 MDT 2015

El 30/03/15 a les 12:54, Tim ha escrit:
> sernet-packages should normally replace the distribution packages. On my
> CentOS box it works really fine.

It's possible that the bug is debian/ubuntu specific

> Do you have sernet-samba-libs installed?


> Possibly you have sssd-ad already? Have you checked if there is a file
> /usr/lib64/sssd/libsss_ad.so or similar?

On ubuntu the path is different (/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/sssd) but the
ad backend isn't there (since apt-get wouldn't let me install it)

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