[Samba] Debian Jessie AD DC w. BIND9 : DNS update fails for debian squeezy member server

Rowland Penny rowlandpenny at googlemail.com
Fri Mar 20 13:24:55 MDT 2015

On 20/03/15 19:08, Timo Altun wrote:
> I did not run that command at all. I did run samba-tool classicupgrade 
> on the DC after setting up ldap with my data. As far as I understand 
> the provisioning of the domain is done during that process. And on the 
> other machines provisioning must not be done, right?

Sorry about this, but I am losing the plot here :-)

So, you upgraded from a NT-4 style domain to a Samba 4 AD DC with 
classicupgrade, this AD DC is running on a Debian Jessie machine ?

I take it (hope would probably be a better word) that you are doing this 
in a test situation ?

You have set up a test Unix client using the smb.conf from the member 
server page on the wiki, what version of samba is this running ?

Your users have uidNumbers inside the range set in smb.conf ?
The Domain Users group (at least) has a gidNumber inside the range set 
in smb.conf ?

Your test Unix client is pointing to the AD DC for dns ?

Answer the above and we will go from there :-)


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