[Samba] NFS4 ACLs with samba 3 (or 4)

Ashish Yadav gwalashish at gmail.com
Wed Mar 18 23:33:49 MDT 2015

Hi kevin,

On Wed, Mar 18, 2015 at 10:47 PM, Kevin Taylor <groucho.64738 at hotmail.com>

> I know this was discussed a lot a few years ago, but my google searches
> aren't quite getting me where I'm confident in the answer, so I figure I'd
> just ask again here if that's ok.
> Here's what we have, and what we'd like to do:
> Storage is a Netapp (cluster mode CDOT 8.2 I believe), it's NFS exported
> to our linux system.
> Linux system is CentOS 6 and can NFS mount the Netapp using version 4.
> NFSv3 doesn't support ACLs with Netapp, but NFSv4 does with the
> nfs4_setfacl and nfs4_getfacl commands.
> We'd like to share out the NFS mounted volume with samba, and retain the
> NFSv4 acl capability so that Windows users can set advanced permissions on
> the files.
> Is this possible?

Yeah that is possible. IMO, You should go with Samba 4 AD + NFSv4
kerberized method. Please take a look at below link which will be helpful
to you for start up.


> I've seen posts about the ZFS ability and the GPFS ability, but none of
> those are really what we're doing (I'm not sure why the backend would
> necessarily matter). Would one of the other vfs items work in this case?
> We're just NFS mounting onto the linux machine straight over TCP, nothing
> special like iscsi or custom drivers.
Ashishkumar S. Yadav

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