[Samba] NFS4 ACLs with samba 3 (or 4)

Kevin Taylor groucho.64738 at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 18 11:17:34 MDT 2015

I know this was discussed a lot a few years ago, but my google searches aren't quite getting me where I'm confident in the answer, so I figure I'd just ask again here if that's ok.

Here's what we have, and what we'd like to do:

Storage is a Netapp (cluster mode CDOT 8.2 I believe), it's NFS exported to our linux system.

Linux system is CentOS 6 and can NFS mount the Netapp using version 4. NFSv3 doesn't support ACLs with Netapp, but NFSv4 does with the nfs4_setfacl and nfs4_getfacl commands.   

We'd like to share out the NFS mounted volume with samba, and retain the NFSv4 acl capability so that Windows users can set advanced permissions on the files.

Is this possible? 

I've seen posts about the ZFS ability and the GPFS ability, but none of those are really what we're doing (I'm not sure why the backend would necessarily matter). Would one of the other vfs items work in this case? We're just NFS mounting onto the linux machine straight over TCP, nothing special like iscsi or custom drivers.



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