[Samba] Domain controller in a chroot

Sven Schwedas sven.schwedas at tao.at
Tue Mar 17 04:54:07 MDT 2015

On 2015-03-17 11:40, Sébastien Le Ray wrote:
> Le 17/03/2015 11:25, Sven Schwedas a écrit :
>> On 2015-03-17 11:13, Sébastien Le Ray wrote:
>>> I'm sucessfully running a fileserver on it, just wanting to avoid issues
>>> in case of network link outage.
>> So your users, which cannot connect due to network link outage, won't be
>> prevented from logging in? Sounds like a splendid idea.
> My users will be able to open a session during network outage and access
> to files stored locally in the agency. Yes it seems a good idea to have
> people being able to work while connection with main site is down.
>>> DC overhead shouldn't be that huge since it is only used uppon session
>>> opening (we can upgrade memory though)
>> Upgrade the memory and put DC and file server into separate VMs. It'll
>> save you a lot of headaches.
> The server isn't able to support virtualization.
> Now my question is about issues caused by running two samba instances on
> the same box using a chroot.
> If you don't know what these issues are, simply don't answer to the mail

Okay, let's recap:

• Old hardware with low RAM and no VT-x/AMD-V support
  (It's an x86 box with some Linux, right?)
• You have an existing domain
• And you want to add an DC on a second site to it

Anything else you should have told us the first mail so nobody's time is
wasted with suggestions that you already know beforehand to not work?
E.g., already having evaluated winbind offline logon to attempt and
solve this?

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