[Samba] samba 4.1.17 on raspberry pi as ad dc - works now with 4.2 !

Matthias Busch b.matthias at fam-busch.net
Sat Mar 14 04:47:56 MDT 2015

Hey List,

first, let me give a huge thanks to everyone who replied and helped.
I learned a lot and I could not have done it in any reasonable time 
frame without your suggestions and answers!

I started new from scratch to make sure no old configuration / data was 
screwing with further attempts.

It pretty much worked without problem. A few things that were done 
different ...

- samba 4.2, not 4.1.17
- no slapd installed
- no cups installed (cups will install avahi) - dont plan on using pi as 
print server
- my-domain.home instead of .local (or .lan or maybe .private)
- not getting confused by the issue ad member and ad d controller :)

see reported succes here: 

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