[Samba] RequireSecuritySignature=1 and public share with guest not working

Olszewski, Raphael r.olszewski at ssc-services.de
Mon Mar 16 01:56:18 MDT 2015

Hi Louis

Thank you!
As i wrote in my first post, i tried even with these settings:
        client max protocol = SMB3
        client min protocol = SMB2
        client signing = required
        server signing = required
But it was not working - as soon I use RequireSecuritySignature=1 on the client.

It seems for that the client is stopping communication since the Win7-client expects something from samba.
net use t: \\samba\pub<file:///\\samba\pub>
               systemerror 1240

MS knowledgebase article speek about enable plain text passwords. But this is wrong since I do not change this password-setting, just require signing.

Is somebody out there, who knows, how to setup samba for using RequireSecuritySignature=1 on Windows Clients?

Greetz  Raphael
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check the output of :

echo "\n" | testparm -vv | grep signing
echo "\n" | testparm -vv | grep protocol

for my the default is :
client max protocol = NT1

but i dont use signing.

but i "think" you need to set the client signing = manadatory and client max protocol = SMB2

( from man smb.conf )

but if anyone know this better on the list, please correct me.
Im not sure in this one, never used it..



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>Onderwerp: Re: [Samba] RequireSecuritySignature=1 and public share with
>guest not working
>Hi Louis
>I explicitly have to change on win7-client the parameter
>from RequireSecuritySignature=0   =>   RequireSecuritySignature=1
>and then I have the problem.
>Before everything is working.
>All solutions in the wide web just tell me to set
>RequireSecuritySignature=0, but this is NOT the solution for me since I
>have to activate RequireSecuritySignature=1 My question originally is:
>Why it is failing then? Or what I have to do, that this is working with

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