[Samba] password lockout policy issue after update to 4.2

James lingpanda101 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 9 12:03:11 MDT 2015


    Quick observation after recently updating all DC's to 4.2.0 from
4.1.17. Several users received the notice "account is currently locked
out" after entering their password once. I updated the policy to a
minimum of 3 attempts before any user logged in initially. I opened
Microsoft ADUC tool and clicked the box to unlock their account. This
resulted in the user receiving "account currently  disabled" message
after attempting login again. Account was not disabled from what ADUC
tool displayed.  I attempted to disable and enable the account just to
test. This resulted in the user still receiving the notice "account
currently disabled". The only way I was able to resolve was to force a
password change. Has anyone else observed this behavior?


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