[Samba] How to get rid of misspelled DNA entry?

Sebastian Henrich sebastian.henrich at gmail.com
Sun Mar 8 13:33:10 MDT 2015


I found a way to delete these ghost entries. All you need is an LDAP
tool like Apache Directory Studio. Then you connect via LDAP to the AD.
Inside the LDAP tree is a subtree named msdns (or similiar, I'm not able
to access my workstation at the moment). There you can find the buggy
entry and delete it. Before deleting something it's perhaps a good idea
to make a backup of the samba configuration, especially the files under
/var/lib/samba/private/sam.ldb.d where the configuration is stored.

If you need a detailed howto or somebody wants to add this to the wiki,
let me know.



Am 06.03.2015 um 13:02 schrieb Peter Serbe:
> Dear list, 
> I have a strange problem. In RSAT is had a typo when 
> adding a reverse lookup entry, i.e. I added something 
> like "host.samdo.com" instead of "host.samdom.com". 
> No a reverse lookup yields to entries, the correct one 
> and the misspelled one. :-( 
> Deleting it in RSAT is impossible, as the misspelled 
> entry doesn't show up here. Deleting in by samba-tool 
> is also not possible, as it states erroneously, that 
> the entry wasn't existent. 
> I experimented a bit: it isn't possible to even add 
> an reverse lookup entry with a misspelled domain name. 
> But it should be possible to delete that bogus entry 
> anyway.
> How can I get rid of my "host.samdo.com" entry? 
> Thank You in advance! & Best regards
> Peter

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