[Samba] Update

sandy.napoles at eccmg.cupet.cu sandy.napoles at eccmg.cupet.cu
Mon Mar 2 13:08:55 MST 2015

I make two test

1- In firefox I try to conect to https://git.samba.org/ and I can see the
page very well

2- In console I writte export http_proxy=http://user:password@ip:3128/ and
then make wget http://git.samba.org in the same PC and I can not

wget http://git.samba.org
--2015-03-02 15:22:26--  http://git.samba.org/
Connecting to connected.
Proxy request sent, awaiting response... 301 Moved Permanently
Location: https://git.samba.org/ [following]
--2015-03-02 15:22:31--  https://git.samba.org/
Resolving git.samba.org (git.samba.org)...,
Connecting to git.samba.org (git.samba.org)||:443... failed:
Connection timed out.
Connecting to git.samba.org
(git.samba.org)|2001:638:603:d06e::80:230|:443... failed: Network is

Am 02.03.2015 um 20:28 schrieb buhorojo:
>> On 02/03/15 20:26, Rowland Penny wrote:
>>> excuse, but could you repeat that, but this time in English.
>>> Rowland
>> Try:
>> https://translate.google.com/
> try to talk in a common used language on a international list
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