[Samba] smbd heavy ldap traffic

Russell Poyner russell.poyner at wisc.edu
Tue Jul 14 17:15:31 UTC 2015

I'm running samba 4.2 under FreeBSD 10.0. The FreeBSD host is configured 
to get passwd and group data from an open ldap server. For some reason 
smbd is connection to the ldap server directly, and repeating the same 
query, causing a traffic storm on the openldap server. I've verified the 
smbd connection to the ldap server with sockstat -4 and tcpdump.

Is there a way to tell smbd to just follow nsswitch and read from the 
nscd cache? Or maybe I need to configure caching in winbind?

Russ Poyner


passwd:     cache files ldap
shadow:     files
group:      cache files ldap

hosts:      cache files dns
networks:   files

protocols:  files
rpc:        files
ethers:     files
services:   files

netgroup:   cache files ldap


automount:  files
aliases:    files

netmasks:   files

    workgroup = SCHOOL
    server string = mydata
#   server services = -winbindd, -ldap
    security = ADS
    load printers = no
    realm = AD.SCHOOL.EDU
    socket options = SO_RCVBUF=8192 SO_SNDBUF=8192
    dns proxy = no
    unix extensions = no
    nmbd bind explicit broadcast = no
    oplocks = yes
    level2 oplocks = yes
    kernel oplocks = no

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