[Samba] samba version on shares

r r rommims at gmail.com
Tue Jul 14 17:51:21 UTC 2015

Adobe products have been crashing smb on the Mac since version 10.7.
I installed the samba.org version of samba but have some confusion about
how to tell which version the shares are connecting with.

I used this to set it up

But when I check versions, the OS X util (smbutil) doesn't work anymore and
the samba.org tool (smbstatus) doesn't show specifically which samba the
shares are using.
Anyone know how to show samba version for the shares mac with the smbstatus
tool? I tried smbstatus -Sl but it doesn't show any shares.

root# smbutil statshares -a
SHARE                         ATTRIBUTE TYPE                VALUE
stat_share : SMBOpenServerWithMountPoint() failed for /Volumes/test <test>
stat_all_shares : stat_share() failed for /Volumes/test
smbutil: unknown status -1073741772: No such file or directory

root# smbstatus

Samba version 3.6.25
PID     Username      Group         Machine

Service      pid     machine       Connected at
No locked files

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