[Samba] Next Problem: windows 10 as samba domain member

Marc Muehlfeld mmuehlfeld at samba.org
Mon Jul 13 15:54:46 UTC 2015

Hello Rowland,

Am 10.07.2015 um 09:36 schrieb Roland Schwingel:
> Regarding the switch to NT1. This does not make me really happy. I tried
> domain logons with win7 and 8.1 using a user with a profile containing
> lots of small files. It takes longer on win7/8.1 to login/logout now.
> Its about 1.5 times slower in my case. (My PDC
> is also hosting the windows profiles.)

The newer SMB protocol versions have some speed improvements compared
with the old SMB1, so this is possible. :-)

However, you can put all the data on a member server with SMB2/3 and
only run the pure PDC with SMB1.

> Is this going to be the permanent solution? Or is this just
> intermediate? Has MS changed/extended something in smb2/3 that samba is
> yet not aware of or is it maybe "just" a bug in sambas implementation?

The problem is, that NT4 support ended a long time ago. Andrew asked MS
a while ago about Win10 and NT4 support:

If there are things to fix on the server side, to make everything work
smooth, just file a bug, but if something has been removed on the client
side, then it's time to think about moving to AD or stay at maximum
Win8(.1), which is supported by MS until Jan 2023.

Even if it looks like everything is working now with Win10, I'm curious,
if maybe a future Win update breaks this. MS said, that they want to
continually work and develop Win10. So hopefully Win10 users in an NT4
domain don't have a problem some day after installing a major Windows
update and rebooting... :-/


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