[Samba] Getent Differences on a DC and a Member Server

Ritter, Marcel (RRZE) marcel.ritter at fau.de
Fri Jul 10 13:52:48 UTC 2015

Hi Rowland,

thanks for explaining and pointing out the bug report.

I searched samba bugzilla, and here are the two matching
bug reports I found:


The later one contains some more insight into why this problem
isn't that easy to fix. Looks like it's some kind of race condition
when using unix attributes).

I'll try to find some time to dig into this ... and maybe produce
some patches ... 


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On 10/07/15 08:05, Ritter, Marcel (RRZE) wrote:
> Hi,
> I know there've been some workarounds on this topic, however I'm 
> missing the reason for winbind to behave differently on a DC and on a 
> member server (I also had to work around that problem and I'd really like it fixed).

The reason is a bit historical, originally samba4, when running as an AD DC, used the builtin winbind. This did not have the full capabilities of the separate winbindd used on a member server and various things did not work. Samba, from 4.2.0, has switched to using the separate winbindd, the main reason for this switch was to get domain trusts working, something I understand is still not fully working and the devs are concentrating on making this work before getting anything else in winbindd to work.

I think you will find that just about everybody would like winbindd 'fixing', but you will just have to wait (unless you care to come up with patches to make it work?)

> If there's a technical reason for it, it'd be nice to know about it.
> If there isn't, then it's just a bug that should be fixed.

There is a bug report about this and as I said, it will be fixed, I just 
do not know when.

> Could someone of the development team please comment on this?
> Bye,
>      Marcel

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