[Samba] Samba local user without /etc/passwd

mathias dufresne infractory at gmail.com
Fri Jul 10 07:48:31 UTC 2015

Hi Gionatan,

You can have user only declared into tdb at least when samba is acting as
domain controller. In that case this user become also a system user as
domain users purpose is to be system users, also used for file sharing.

Now if you have a Samba acting as file server and only file server,
retrieving its system users from winbind and /etc/passwd you can use any of
these users to add them into this samba's tdb as samba users for they can
access to file shared by this samba server.

The point is there are two kind of users: Samba users to access shares and
system users to access files. Samba must be able to to translate its own
users into system users.
Samba users are used to access Samba shares and system users are used to
access files and directory, this because file system are part of system

What you speak about make me think about pureftpd virtual users. With
pureftpd you can declare a user "toto" as pureftpd user and associate this
"toto" user to any other system user (declared in /etc/passwd, some ldap
tree, AD or anything you can imagine). But the process is the same:
pureftpd authenticate remote user then use system user to access files,
then the system decide if this user can access or not to the files...



2015-07-09 22:25 GMT+02:00 Gionatan Danti <g.danti at assyoma.it>:

> Il 09-07-2015 22:01 Rowland Penny ha scritto:
>> I will say it again but in slightly different words: there are no
>> 'remote' users, there are local Unix users and there are domain users,
>> local users can only connect to directories and files on the local
>> computer. Domain users can connect to directories and files on any
>> domain computer that is set up with the correct permissions.
> Let's forget about the domain part. I included it trying to better explain
> my thought, but let forget about it for the moment.
>  So:
>> There are local users
> OK
>  There are active directory domain users
> OK
>  These cannot be the same users
> OK
>  There is no where else to store user info except in either /etc/passwd
>> (which makes them local users) or in AD (which makes them active
>> directory domain users).
> This is the one that let me a bit perplexed. The tdbsam-backed accout can
> store _any_ required information (eg: username, password, full name, etc).
> After all, using pdbedit we can see (and edit) all of them. So I imagined
> that perhaps it was possible to store users directly inside the tdb
> database, and nothing more.
> Well, it seems I was wrong ;)
> Thank you all.
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