[Samba] CUPS backend question - Samba 4

Trever L. Adams trever at middleearth.sapphiresunday.org
Sat Jul 4 19:36:38 UTC 2015

> Why don't you create a Member server with cups installed?. I suppose
> that you have a gateway between both subnets, right?
> https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Setup_a_Samba_AD_Member_Server
> https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Samba_as_a_print_server
> With that, the cups server can authenticate the users using the DC
> server and you just need to print directly to the member server
> without use the DC as proxy.
> A suggestion is to add the UNIX info for all DC users to avoid
> problems with authentication against the print server.
> Maybe i'm wrong, but to print to DC using the printer from another
> server you need to install cups on DC too.
> Greetings!!

Thank you for all of your questions/suggestions. The documents you gave
are those that I was working with.

To answer your first question, due to various restrictions and
requirements there are two domains (no trusts in S4 yet) that both must
access the printers. Things are a various hodgepodge of real and virtual
machines, physical and virtual subnets, etc. Over the next year or two,
I will be able to separate the two domains permanently and the two
groups of nets/subnets. For now, I cannot. Memory and CPU are at a
premium in this installation until then. So, if there is any way I can
keep the CUPS server where it is and have S4 connect to it without the
mess of getting another CUPS server running (memory, not just subnetting
is an issue for the time being) it would be great.

I don't really have to use Samba as the printer server (DC or member
server) as Windows will print directly to CUPS. It just requires
installation to be a little more intensive as you cannot use names for
auto installing ipp printers (at least on Vista; although it seems 7 had
the same restriction) and names are needed.

Thank you,

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