[Samba] Failure reporting (mixed feelings)

Twan Duis t.duis at e-genius.nl
Sun Jan 25 14:59:33 MST 2015

Hi there,

As suggested on the samba wiki, I like to report failures using samba4.


I had setup a general Office environment using samba4 (2 servers) with AD intergrated DNS (samba internal), Zarafa mail server (Prof.), ISC dhcp with split-scope and file shares (users, profiles, data and application) for a test-case environment.  Plan was to deploy this setup for a customer  (small 25 Windows 7 PC accouting office). Backup was planned with Bacula.  The tests went well as long as the shares were on the DC's (for NTFS rights).  The customer needed 2 windows servers for specific windows Application for book keeping.

Next we needed a solution for home-workers to control their PC, remotely. I implemented Guacamole a HTML5 to RDP gateway. I have added yubikey integration for security (not samba related but the AD was used for the Yubikey id storage.

I've done the migration of a Windows SBS 2008 server to the setup above (VMware virtual platform).  After we went to production we had a lot of failures regarding shares that were lost on clients (random clients, others had no problems). As several windows app cannot handle this 'feature'  lots of crashes and corrupted data. 

At first we blamed the network as i appeared to be crappy before, so we replaceit, next we blamed the NAS/SAN storage as we saw in vmware datastores disapearing....  This was solve by rebooting a Thecus NAS (N5550), the OpenFiler (DELL 2950) was running for years OK so this was fine. But we replaced the Storage-network components (cables switch) to be sure.

We had to step away from guacamole for stability (lost connections and slow performance), not Samba4 related I think, and use MS rdp gateway server.

Now after 2 months we see 2 problems arise regularly:

- clients still losing shares and applications that cannot handle this make people anoying.

- Samba4 intergrated DNS is having problems using forwarders (Google's, as 'internet' is sometimes not working. I have added a Windows 2008 DC with DNS to solve the forwarding issue's but hope samba4 can solve this issue.....

I hope to bring this project to a good ending, and hope someone can shine some light on my misconfiguration as I'm on a point to switch back the shares to windows servers for stability...

So far i'm positive on the samba4 AD implementation, the filesharing was always great but needs some improvement now. Maybe I need to do the BIND9_DLZ DNS stuff..... 

If someone is willing to help me out here it would be welcome, otherwise keep up the good work!


t.duis at e-genius.nl

- The Netherlands -


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