[Samba] Failure reporting (mixed feelings)

mourik jan heupink heupink at merit.unu.edu
Tue Jan 27 04:02:01 MST 2015

Hi Twan,

Just a short reply, there are much more knowledgeable people here, who 
I'm sure will have many great tips for you, but...:

On 1/25/2015 22:59, Twan Duis wrote:
> I had setup a general Office environment using samba4 (2 servers)
> with AD intergrated DNS (samba internal), Zarafa mail server (Prof.),
> ISC dhcp with split-scope and file shares (users, profiles, data and
> application) for a test-case environment.  Plan was to deploy this
> setup for a customer  (small 25 Windows 7 PC accouting office).
> Backup was planned with Bacula.  The tests went well as long as the
> shares were on the DC's (for NTFS rights).  The customer needed 2

As far as I understand things, it's not recommended to put your shares 
on the DC's. We have separated the DC's (using kvm) from the 
fileservers, and do not experience any of the issues you describe.

Hopefully someone else will be able to help out more. (but I guess 
they'll need more specifics about your setup, samba version, os, 
sssd/winbind, etc, etc)

I hope you'll be able to resolve the issues you have.


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