[Samba] Moving DC1 to a Virtual Machine

Paul Littlefield info at paully.co.uk
Mon Jan 26 09:08:16 MST 2015

On 26/01/15 15:55, Sketch wrote:
> Either that, or just create a new VM on your OS of choice and join it to the existing domain as a new DC.  Claim all the FSMO roles, and shut your old DC down.  It will have a new name and IP, but it will work fine.  That is one nice thing about AD DCs, they are pretty much interchangeable.

Hello Sketch

Thanks for your comments!

You're sounding all very positive and confident :)

So, it all depends on whether _I_ am feeling daring...

* [physical dc1] transfer all 7 FSMO roles to physical dc2.
* [physical dc2] check databases, dns, sysvol, kerberos, pc logons, blood type, etc.
* [physical dc1] shut down.
* [network pcs] test logins then shut down.
* [virtual dc1] ubuntu fresh install, samba install, same version as physical dc2.
* [virtual dc1] check different ip, join domain as new dc.
* [virtual dc1] + [physical dc2] set up replication.
* do a rain dance, say 3 hail marys and keep your fingers crossed.

That sound about right?

What have I missed?


Paul Littlefield

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