[Samba] FW: desperate help needed - Samba and security = share

Gary Stainburn gary.stainburn at ringways.co.uk
Fri Jan 23 07:08:10 MST 2015

I posted this on the Fedora users list this morning, where it was suggested I 
post it here. I'm hoping someone will help me. I know that this is an old and 
probably worn out topic but I need a quick workable solution before the old 
server dies, which hopefully won't involve me redesigning everything and 
having to update 120+ client PCs:

Many years ago I built a server on Fedora 8 which became my core network 
server running all the network servers (DNS etc) as well as a host of custom 
services over inetd, However it's main purpose was to service Samba shares.

That server is now failing so I've just spent a week building a new F20 server 
and converting everything from F8 to F20 - amazing number of changes needed 
but also an amazing number of things are still the same.

Last of the things to move because the old server is still live and serving is 
SAMBA.  This is where I need the help.

All of my servers run the same type of setup and it's all based 
around "security = share". Why is this so universally declared as bad??

I know when I built some F16 servers it said that "security = share" was 
depreciated but it still let me use it. Now with F20 it just refuses.

The problem is that security = share did *exactly* what I wanted and now I 
can't seem to achieve the same effect any other way.

Very simply, I use the [homes] section and have about 10 users defined on the 
server - service, parts, admin etc.

Then for each user PC (approx 120 - 150) I then map a network drive to each 
service that is required. Many only have one or two but some people such as 
admin have access to sales, accounts, wages and admin.

All very simple and faultless for 8 years.

Now, when I try some of the examples found online, client PCs seem to be able 
to connect to the first share ok but then whenever I try to connect a second 
share it complains about having to log out of the first share first.

Can anyone please help me here. If I can't get it working I'll have to scrap 
my week's work and install F16 on this box.

Fingers crossed

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