[Samba] UDP/138 answers sending from false IP on multinetwork-server

Andreas Matthus matthus at nexgo.de
Sun Jan 11 01:42:52 MST 2015


after change net-infrastructure on a multinetwork-server can on segment
not find the logon-server. Source problem is, that nmbd sending UDP/138
answers from a false IP.

12:08:08.909997 IP > NBT UDP PACKET(138)
12:08:08.910083 IP > NBT UDP PACKET(138)

UDP/137 and all TCP-traffic are O.K. My server has two active netcards
for samba (and localhost):,

In smb.conf is written:

        interfaces =,,
        bind interfaces only = yes
        hosts allow =,, \,,

On network all O.K. with trafic over a router-firewall to (with lmhost on the clients). On network I have the
trouble. The lmhost is:  serv1        #PRE    #DOM:ABC  "ABC            \0x1b"  #PRE

In hosts:       serv1

Between the networks is a cisco-firewall that blocks the
not-network-specific traffic on the vlan for In this
case the pakages UDP/138 can't reach for the client.

Hint: In another network in other buildings I have a simliary
installation. In that nmbd sends to and in tcpdump is seen the
rigth sender-IP for each adapter.

What can I do?

with regards
Andreas Matthus

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