[Samba] Thoughts on samba backup script for DCs

Tim rintimtim at gmx.net
Sun Jan 11 03:52:50 MST 2015


possibly the author of the samba backup script will read this.

I customized the script myself due to some things:
1. At the end the script looks for samba4_* files to rotate the backups. But only backups of the private folder get this prefix with the original script. sysvol and etc backups will remain.
2. The wiki of backup and restore advises to restore on the same version of samba the backup was made of. So it makes sense to get samba version into the backup names. A variable like $(samba -V) could do this?
3. Possibly it's more compatible with the most distributions to use tar.gz. My CentOS 7 produces errors with tar.bz2 without additional packages.

I will post my samba backup script when I'm back at work.


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