[Samba] After Windows login black screen with mouse cursor

Tim lists at kiuni.de
Fri Feb 27 09:27:34 MST 2015

I checked that. All permissions are as advised as mentioned here:

So I believe, it's not that reason. It worked until Tuesday/Wednesday. 
Suddenly that functionality disappeared. Redirection of AppData, 
Documents an Favorites still works as expected.

Am 27.02.2015 16:43, schrieb miguelmedalha at sapo.pt:
>> Found it! Folder redirection of Desktop worked so far. But now it got
>> confused for some Rea's n I don't know.
>> Switched folder redirection back to local profile and it works again!
> This happened to me once. It means you had innapropriate permissions on
> the redirection folders, at least the root folder.
> A quick search for "folder redirection permissions" should provide the
> information you need to configure it correctly.

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