[Samba] Back with my UID problems

Brett Wynkoop wynkoop+samba at wynn.com
Thu Feb 26 16:41:26 MST 2015

On Thu, 26 Feb 2015 22:59:32 +0000
Rowland Penny <rowlandpenny at googlemail.com> wrote:

> > It's documented within samba-tool's builtin help... "samba-tool
> > user add --help" will show that info. I do agree that info should
> > be in the man page, and may in fact be in there with 4.2.
> >
> I actually pointed him at 'samba-tool user add --help' and when I 
> replied to the list I inadvertently sent an email to him as well and 
> just got this:
> Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently: 
> wynkoop+samba at wynn.com Technical details of permanent failure: Google 
> tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for
> the recipient domain wynn.com by wa3yre.wynn.com. []. The
> error that the other server returned was: 554 5.7.1 Mail
> (42499-06917) appears to be unsolicited - resend the mail with
> 622ARANDOM appended to the subject and contact postmaster at wynn.com
> for resolution
> So the OP wants help but only on his terms.
> Rowland


Let's get real.....you are long enough in the tooth to recognize that
as a message that tells you that your email tripped a spam filter.  Did
you attempt to resend following the instructions?  

The bottom line here is that there are some documentation failures.  I
have, it seems found some of them, the correct response is to work
together to fix the problem.

Your comment above was totally without merit and uncalled for.



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