[Samba] Workgroup name too long

Miguel Medalha miguelmedalha at sapo.pt
Wed Feb 25 14:48:13 MST 2015

> I have searched for this and the solutions I found were for instances 
> where the workgroup name *was* too long.  However, my workgroup name is 
> *not* too long.  The spaces between PEGASUS and ^[ are part of the 
> message, I did not add them.  If you count them there are 16 total 
> including ending ^[.  I can't figure out where the spaces are coming 
>  This is the same for every Samba server.  Each machine will show this 
> message for the other servers but not itself.  MachineA will show message 
> for B and C, but not A.  MachineB will show message for A and C but not B.

I can count 17 characters...

According to Microsoft:

"The NetBIOS naming convention allows for 16 characters in a NetBIOS name. 
Microsoft, however, limits NetBIOS names to 15 characters and uses the 
16th character as a NetBIOS suffix. "


"All NetBIOS names are 16 characters in length. A NetBIOS suffix is the 
16th character of the 16-character NetBIOS name. The NetBIOS suffix is 
used by Microsoft Networking software to identify functionality installed 
on the registered device. "


Names are padded with spaces to 15 bytes, plus the NetBIOS suffix in the 
16th byte.

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