[Samba] Winbind backend : rid is too much underappreciated

Miguel Medalha miguelmedalha at sapo.pt
Sat Feb 21 13:05:28 MST 2015

I just came to the conclusion that the rid backend has been very much underappreciated. Too much mental inertia about how things used to be made?

After strugling for two days to configure a member server against a Samba Active Directory  with the ad/RFC2307 backend, I turned to the rid backend and voilà! all my problems are gone. Having to manually edit uids/gids in UNIX Attributes under RSAT does really suck! The Administrator account is never correctly mapped and setting permissions on the member server becomes a PITA. All kinds of glitches become apparent.

Deterministic conversion from SID to UID rocks! Simple and elegant. Everything is working in just a few minutes. Great! More people should know about this.
Just use the same ranges in all your servers and you will have consistent IDs in all machines.

And for really large installations theres the autorid backend!

How come this is not more widely known? Even the Samba Wiki page about the RID backend is empty! 

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