[Samba] Runing Samba on Raspi - was: Re: ps aux | grep smbd

Peter Serbe peter at serbe.ch
Wed Feb 18 01:43:39 MST 2015

Jed Evnull schrieb am 17.02.2015 23:14:

[Static cross-compile of Samba]
> The static 3.2.15 works fine on the pi, but fails under android since it
> can't find user root or guest. But that's another issue, I don't expect any
> help debugging such elderly code :)

IIRC native compile of Samba 4.1.x and later takes about 6 hours to compile. 
The only itch is, that it has troubles to generate the man-pages. Deinstalling 
dokbook-xsl avoids this, as it can't hit the bug anymore...  

I did compile each of the 4.2.0rc versions (plus bind-9.9.6, which takes another 
couple of hours). It runs over night, and don't gives me any headaches. 

Best regards

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