[Samba] Fileserver Failover with AD and Gluster

Lars Hanke debian at lhanke.de
Thu Feb 5 03:59:54 MST 2015

Thanks for all hints and comments. Some on the list and some by direct 
e-mail. Although I still do not understand all the details how it works, 
presentation helped getting the idea what the system is intended to do.

It seems that having nodes with 3 NIC is currently beyond what is 
reasonable for the setup here.

But I learned a lot. Thanks to all of you,
  - lars.

Am 02.02.2015 um 20:37 schrieb Stefan Kania:
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> Hi Lars,
> I have writen a Howto in German für CTDB with GlusterFS BUT there is
> still a problem. If you try to set the Filessystempermissions via
> Windows it is not working. You can't delete any of the permissions. If
> you wan't I can send it to you. I also writing a Howto for Samba CTDB
> with a Corosync, Pacemaker and OCFS2 Cluster.
> If you try it with Gluster please let me know, if the stting of the
> Permissions via Windwos is working for you.
> Stefan
> Am 02.02.15 um 18:02 schrieb Lars Hanke:
>>>>> So the remaining single point of failure is the samba file
>>>>> service. Is there something more intelligent than:
>>>>> if not \\severA\share -> try: \\serverB\share?
>>>> Use a common domain name for both servers (what AD does
>>>> internally for authentication), or use IP-based failover via
>>>> Samba's CTDB.
>>> For Member Servers, you can use a clustred Samba installation
>>> with CTDB. But you can't on Samba AD DCs, because it's not
>>> compatible with CTDB.
>> Sorry, I'm totally new to Samba HA.
>> My file servers join AD, but are not the DC itself. Does it mean
>> that CTDB is an option or not?
>> A common FQDN would mean I simply add two A records for e.g.
>> smb.samdom.example.com, resolving to each IP of the file servers?
>> Can it be as simple as that?
>> Thanks for your help, - lars.
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