[Samba] Windows machines not visible in CentOS 7

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Thu Dec 24 16:25:20 UTC 2015



I’ve a main windows 10 machine. On this computer I’ve installed VMWare
Workstation 12 where I have several virtual windows 8.1 machines, I’ve also
installed a CentOS 7 machine where I need to access A file Sharing residing
on one of my  

Virtual Windows machines.


I’ve tried the following procedure and everything works fine to connect from
my Windows machines to a CentOS 7 file sharing.



But the opposite doesn’t work. I’m not able to see my Windows machines when
I click on “Browse network” and “Windows Network” icon. 


I suspect a firewall problem, but I’m not sure where to look for. (I have
attached my smb.conf)


Thanks in advance for help


J. Dupourqué




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