[Samba] restoring roaming profiles

Gary Dale garydale at torfree.net
Tue Dec 22 05:25:42 UTC 2015

I'm running Version 4.1.17-Debian as a DC on a Debian/Jessie AMD64 system.

After rebuilding a domain with slightly different settings, roaming 
profiles stopped working. 
https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Implementing_roaming_profiles contains 
a suggestion (see Troubleshooting roaming profiles) that gets them 
working again - deleting the user subkey from 

Unfortunately this requires logging onto each client machine, removing 
the subkey, logging in as the user to recreate the subkey then logging 
out again. Next I have to log back in as a different (administrative)  
so I can change the location of the user's local profile back to what it 
was (e.g. if it used to be C:\users\<username>\domainname, the new 
profile is created at C:\users\<username>\domainname.000) then deleting 
the new profile location.

Not only do I have to do this for every machine but I also have to do it 
for every account that has a profile on that machine. This is tedious 
and time consuming. Does anyone have a faster way to do this?

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