[Samba] Windows 7 can't see Pi Samba server

DavidA dandbnews2 at talktalk.net
Fri Dec 18 22:06:38 UTC 2015

Hi Rowland

Thanks for your reply. I'm afraid that link didn't help.  I have tried a 
Microsoft forum but am not getting very far there.  Will try again.

Trouble is understanding how Windows networks are supposed to work.  I 
wonder if a Workgroup is the way to go or if there is a better model I could 

Best regards


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On 18/12/15 19:46, DavidA wrote:
> Hi
> I'm still struggling with this problem.  Here is my situation:
> I have two Windows 7 laptops, call them A and B, and a Raspberry Pi Samba 
> server on a home network, all with the same workgroup name.  The Pi's name 
> is RPHS.
> A and B can see each other (their names appear under Network in Explorer 
> on both laptops).
> Both A and B can access the Pi if I specify the IP Address in Explorer.
> The Pi's name appears only in A (under Network).
> On B, if I execute:
> nbtstat -a RPHS
> I get 'Host not found'.
> (On A RPHS is resolved correctly).
> I don't understand Windows networking well enough to debug this. Should I 
> be using NetBios? Should I be using WINS?  If yes/no, how do I 
> enable/disable them?
> I would greatly appreciate some help. I am close to pulling my hair out!
> Best regards
> David

Hi, I still think this is a windows problem, so I did a bit of googling
and found this:


If this doesn't help, I would suggest you try a windows mailing list.


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