[Samba] Fwd: Functionality of Nmbd at Active Directory mode of Samba4 !

CpServiceSPb . cpservicespb at gmail.com
Sat Dec 5 14:38:46 UTC 2015

 > I really don't see the need for browsing an AD DC. I prefer it does the
job it's supposed to do well which means that the code should be
> streamlined. You can still use a different mode of Samba if all you need
is to quickly share some files.

> Even in a very small AD environment, you should implement a separate
Samba member for file serving purposes. You might, like me, decide to do
this in a > virtual instance rather than adding a second machine. This
allows you to be compliant with the AD concept and still do all on one
machine which is
> perfectly fine for the home office.

> What's more, if your office ever starts to grow and you decide a single
server doesn't cut it anymore, you can always and easily move the virtual
instance > to a separate server with very little reconfiguration, and
without touching the DC instance.

You, of course can not need this functions.
May be it is easier to you to build your infrastructure. :)
But as I said many people (I know, said that the needs and it would be more
comfortable to have it and use it, especially, if they have all-in-one-box
as Linux allow to have) .

As I know, AD concept doesn' t exclude browsing as well. :))
As I mentioned some posts earlier, I am not MS concept follower - one role
- one hard computer (at this time virtual machine) : AD - one hard/virtual
PC, dns - other, NetBios (with brosing, i. e. fileserver) - other, dhcp -
one other and so on. :)
As I mentioned earlier one more thing, Nmbd proved not only showin itself
PC on network, it holds some masters (local/domain) .
At the time I can' t exactly claim does Samba4 as DC holds LMB/DMB (as I
know it is as DC have to be also DMB and have name<1B> if of course it is
not turned off) .
As I mentioned earlier, some times access to files stored at DC is
necessary, not all soft allows to do so by \\server\folder if it is not at

So, somebody can not need it, somebody can need it.
But if this functionality is presented at the soft, if you don' t need it,
you simply can either not turn it on or switch it off.
But if there is no necessary feature, even if you need it you can not
launch it.

Are you agree ? :)
P. S.: You may not answer to this last question. :)

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