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Wed Dec 2 14:41:16 UTC 2015


Months ago (do not remember exactly how I did this) I setup a directory
on my samba member server that is are common company files that are
shared across most users. This directory was separate and unrelated to
'folder redirection'. If my memory is correct, I read up in Windows 7
hardlinks(?) and applied what I had learned there and it worked. 

I then created a GPO that "maps drives" and mapped that directory to a
drive for W7 to "see." 

I had to adjust the ACL rights to allow a user group I created with
'setfacl'. As users were added to that group access to this "common
directory" was permitted. 

I am sorry, but I am too busy with production the rest of this week and
may not have time to find my notes on what I did until next week. 

Hope this will push you in a good direction. 



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On 2015-12-02 07:30, Marc JIROU wrote: 

>> I'm using windows 7 as client and a Samba 4.1.21 server.
> I would like to create symbolic link on a share with mklink, it failes with a reparse point error message. Trying to find more information i found this discussion https://lists.samba.org/archive/samba-technical/2014-September/102388.html [1] So it seems that i'm not the only one to trying to do that without success. Reading microsoft SMB documentation i found that this feature is optional and the server may or may not support it. Is it something that exists in newest version, or maybe it is in the roadmap, or will never be supported ? Doesn't exist yet. No one has really found a pressing need for it. It's not too difficult to support. If you have a pressing need for it you can always hire a Samba support company to implement it (or wait until one of the Team employers has a pressing need for it :-).

So no one is interesting in having symbolic link on a samba server ?

When i was looking for informations, most of people think that symbolic
link are
reserved to NTFS and can't exists on a smb server, that why no one ask

I'm pretty sure a lot of people are waiting for this ( at least people
use unix system )
but that's just my personnal opinion


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