[Samba] How to configure passdb backend with LDAP

Bernd Gl├╝ckert bernd.glueckert at ot-soft.de
Sat Aug 1 23:01:40 UTC 2015

Hi Rowland,

> Anything that can be done with samba 3 can be done with samba 4, be 
> that being a standalone server, NT-4 style PDC or BDC, or even an AD 
> DC member server.
> You can use LDAP for storing users, groups etc, you can use the tdbsam 
> backend instead if you want.
> All samba 4 does that is different, is that it gives you the option to 
> have an Active Directory domain, but to do this, you must use the 
> built-in LDAP, you cannot use an external LDAP server.
> Hopes this answers your questions, if not, just ask.
Perfect. Thanks a lot.

cu - Bernd

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