[Samba] [3.6.6] Possible to allow password-free read/write access?

Gilles Ganault gilles.ganault at free.fr
Thu Apr 2 15:26:05 MDT 2015


At 22:09 02/04/2015, Linda W wrote:
>It might be possible, but it might be more pain than it is worth.

It's actually very easy, but all Windows users 
will be logged as a single user ("nobody", by 
 which is fine in the home setup I intended:

security = user
;defaults to "nobody"
map to guest = bad user
path = /usr/share/myshare
guest ok = yes

>>;a bit of security
>>hosts allow =
>>hosts deny =
>^^^ isn't a wildcard that matches all 
>hosts? Might it be that hosts deny takes precedence over allow?

Apparently, it's correct:

>It is a closed network and not on the 
>internet,  right?  So why do you need the hosts deny?

Yes, it's behind a firewall. I figured it doesn't hurt. Does it?


PS : For some reason, your reply doesn't seem to have made it to the list:

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