[Samba] Migration of 2 samba3 PDC+OpenLDAP in one new Samba4 AD

BRIEC, Pierre pierre.briec at stetherese.net
Wed Apr 8 09:25:06 MDT 2015


i have question about samba3 migration.

I have 2 distincts sites whith samba3 PDC+OpenLDAP running on each site.

On Site1, the machines accounts are specifics, same for the Users and
Groups except 1 group that is common with Site2 (The Teachers).
Today, each site is independant,

Now, i would like a create a new domain Samba4 AD whith all machines and
users from site1 and site2 together.
Then, i would make a replication between the two sites, and add one RODC
server on each site

How can i proceed? The migration tool from samba3 is working fine on each
site (tested on isolated network)
Can someone give me some hints about this. I would be happy if the
migration could be transparent for the machines account, as 90% of the
Users are deleted in July (i'm IT manager in a school)

Can someone help me?
thanks in advance



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