[Samba] [solved] Re: samba4.2.0 crashes on connection attempt with an internal samba error...

Peter Serbe peter at serbe.ch
Thu Apr 2 17:09:09 MDT 2015

Dear Volker, dear list, 

while trying to prepare the debug information, I have been asked for 
by Volker, I fixed quite a couple of issues on the laptop. One of 
these things was the wifi setup - including a set of routes, which 
had been necessary while I've been logged into a network other than 
my home network. 

While the smb daemon still crashed during a connection test, it threw 
the tell tale message, that something with the join to the domain 
seemed to be wrong. I deleted the computer from the domain, did a new 
join - and the crashes had been gone. The lesson learn is this: 
while iterating through the steps of the setup, it is also adviceable 
to delete the problem burden computer from the domain and do a fresh 

Best regards

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