[Samba] sssd-ad cannot be installed with sernet samba

Luca Olivetti luca at wetron.es
Thu Apr 2 02:43:52 MDT 2015

El 02/04/15 a les 10:05, Rowland Penny ha escrit:

> Ah, but sssd does work, it just doesn't install with the sernet
> packages, 

Which is exactly what I reported in my first mail (as per the subject)

> so you pay your money (nothing) and take your choice, either
> samba from Jessie and sssd, or use the sernet packages and do not use sssd.

Or use sssd without the ad backend, which is what I did and said so in a
follow-up email.
I apologize if I offended some sensibilities by insinuating that it
could be a bug in the ubuntu packaging of sernet-samba and asking where
I could report it.

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