[Samba] Rejoining a domain as a DC

Marcelo Zabani mzabani at gmail.com
Tue Sep 23 09:25:15 MDT 2014

Hi everyone,

I'm currently facing a myriad of problems with my Samba 4 DC. After joining
it to a Windows Server 2003 DC, things were going fine for about a month.
About 3 weeks ago, the two DCs stopped replicating (WERR_ACCESS_DENIED
in *samba-tool
drs showrepl*). I tried to shutdown the Windows 2003 server, but the DNS
records in the Samba4 DC weren't set right, so I tried to add them by hand
with *samba-tool*. The problem is samba-tool gives me
*WERR_DNS_ERROR_DS_UNAVAILABLE* for just about anything I try to do. I had
to turn on the old Win2003 DC but somehow we are now facing seriously
intermittent File Share access issues for all users, and we have to force
every new user's *hosts* file to think of the Samba4 DC as the only DC.

What I've wanted to do for the last week, after trying out a lot of other
things, is to rejoin the Domain as I did some time ago, in the hopes that
DNS records will be correctly setup this time. In case that is a bad idea,
is there anything I can do to "start over" without losing User and group

Thank you in advance,

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