[Samba] Trouble connecting Windows 7 RSAT to a samba4 domain

joseph-andre Guaragna jaguaragna at rdmo.com
Thu Sep 18 07:43:59 MDT 2014

Hi all,

I tryed to setup an Activie Directory domain using samba 4.1.12.
I followed some documentation and get everything working till the I
wanted to connect my windows 7 with RSAT in order to manage the AD

The message I receive is :
"The client cannot connect to the requested machine. Please check IIS
or WINRM are properly configured" this is a translation from the
french message i had.

i am currently running a samba 4.1.12 freshly compiled
ntp server, internal samba dns, and dhcp running.

tested kerberos and ldap and everyithing is working. I even joined the
win7 machine with the RSAT on the domain.

I try to connect the ServerManagement console from the WIN7 on
servername and  sername.domain and finally IP address. Nothing seems
to work and I do not know why.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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