[Samba] Samba 3 PDC to WS2012 AD migration

Marc Muehlfeld mmuehlfeld at samba.org
Thu Sep 18 10:45:31 MDT 2014

Hello Vladimír,

Am 18.09.2014 um 14:56 schrieb Vladimír Bednář:
> I have quite a difficult task to solve.
> I need to migrate from Samba 3 to WS2012 AD. I know the steps are Samba
> 3 to Samba 4 to WS2008 to WS2012R2.
> I managed to upgrade Samba 3 PDC to Samba 4 AD, but I am not able to
> move roles to WS 2008 as I have some DNS related problems.

Then we should try to solve them. But you need to give more information
about your environment, error messages, etc.

> Is there any howto regarding Samba 4, DNS and Active Directory? Better,
> I would appreciate some lines describing the whole process of migration
> or someone who has already done this.

Have you seen

There you find documentation about joining a DC, DNS, FSMO, etc. But as
soon as you leave the Samba environment (2008->2012 migration), you
should better consult the MS documentation. :-)


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