[Samba] known bug in samba: Re: Winbind user/group name case change

Linda W samba at tlinx.org
Sun Sep 14 16:46:58 MDT 2014

Lars Hanke wrote:
> My Synology NAS runs Samba 3.6.9 and maps accounts using winbind. It 
> is joined to my samba4 AD. I set "winbind use default domain=yes" and 
> have no entry for "winbind normalize names". Strangely a group like 
> "Domain Users" appears as "domain users", i.e. in all lower case. A 
> translation which breaks idmapd for NFSv4.
> My Debian Wheezy 3.6.6 behaves the same way. Is there some option to 
> keep the case?
> Alternatively, does someone know whether it is possible to tell idmapd 
> to ignore case?
    This is a known bug in samba -- "name mangling".  MS fixed this back in
2000, but samba has remained steadfast.  It wreaks havok with linux 
systems --
especially ones trying to support MS systems.

Besides the user& groupnames, system and domain names also cause problems.

I still have 3 different entries for many of my hosts so linux can 
for this bug.    I thought this was supposed to be fixed going with 4.x 
and one of the reasons
for not fixing it in earlier versions was the 3.x series didn't know how 
to do unicode
capitalization, but theoretically in 4.x that shouldn't be a problem 

Anyyone else know if the name mangling of servers/systems, names and 
groups was
fixed in 4.x?

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